This book can be of great value for those who want to take the path of responsibility in their lives, who want to take the first step toward freedom and self knowledge, using the topic of disease in humans as a guide. Its purpose is to help the sick person to find health status, based primarily on what happens within us. Because even if we can find help abroad (psychologists, doctors, gurus, etc.) the only ones who are able to heal us are ourselves. A book dedicated to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

WRISTS, Emotional and metaphysical problems:

It is the joint that connects the forearm to the hand. They represent the movement, flexibility, dexterity, ease and skill. It is related to what we do, "with the precise movement of labour" The precision of movement. The will, the desire to act. The way we handle our experiences, our actions.
Devaluation for failing to perform a function, a role, a task. You may believe that we are not up to perform a certain task (feel awkward manually), we lack skill or we lack confidence in our actions, for fear of making mistakes or lack of confidence in ourselves.
Denying the weight of things in relation to work and gesture. "I will not carry that weight or that responsibility at work"
The wrist problems express that we are adamant that our thinking and our actions are rigid, we do not handle deftly, easily, decisively, and with love. So there is an obstruction, a blockage or a denial against the actions he/she should do. Expresses the attitude of the person who thinks he/she can bring the reality to his/her will, the desire to "move to force", marking guidelines excesses.
They can also hurt us when we do we prevent something when we do not grant permission to ourselves, or when we feel unable to act because someone or something prevented us.
Similarly, when we have to do something and in the end we do not feel or think that someone abuses us and we do not feel love, but by compulsion, fear or guilt; our wrists end up calming down and our excess will produce pain.
Cysts: Denial of reality.
Scaphoid: devaluation conflict with actual travel notion (vacation) or symbolic (astral travel, travel by drugs, emotional journey)... coupled with a conflict in relation to work.

Fractures: Conflict in the assimilation of responsibilities. I think something (gesture at work) is not serious but deep down is that it is much.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

MOLARS disorders, Emotional and metaphysical causes:

MOLARS: Their function is to "grind" food, therefore closely linked to food. The premolars have the function of "tear" and molars to "pulverize and crush".
Stability, security, anchor and support.
Devaluation conflict not to bite or not to show the teeth (and bark) to others, or cannot express (have to hide words) in the family.
The first molars, are related to our stability, security and the ability to take our rightful place in life. They represent our ability to feed ourselves, real and symbolic. Preserve the memory of our first 6 years.
First upper molars/molars of the real parents: They represent the place where I was born, the place I occupy in the family, my home, my family background, my family stability. They are related to food (real and symbolic) we receive from our parents and authority.
First right upper molar: It expresses how I react to the authority of my mother, what place my mother gives me. My reaction to female orders.
First left upper molar: It expresses how I react to the authority of my father, what place my father gives me. My reaction to male authorities.
First upper molars problems: They tell us what we feel about our family situation, if we feel that our parents have been unjust, overprotective, and authoritarian, absent, with too many punishments, etc. If I face them, if there are fights and arguments, my molars present damage.
Lower first molars: They represent our adoptive, symbolic parents and their ability to ensure our materials and emotional security. They reflect my safe haven, a warm atmosphere and love.
First right lower molar: Reflects the emotional and economic security provided by my mother.
First left lower molar: Represents the emotional and economic security provided by my father.
First lower molars problems: We suggest that we have a deep insecurity, lack or are afraid of lack of food, money, affection. That there was no home or a mother or a father, physically or emotionally present. Where will I live? What if I want to leave?
The second molars: They are related to our place in society. They represent our ability to settle into a job, to have a stable relationship and starting a family. Our ability to capture the emotional nourishment we receive from the society around us. They carry the memory of our first 12 years.
Second upper molars/molars of transgression:
They are the teeth that show the support we receive from others, the way our parents raised us to develop ourselves like them. They represent the fact that we can trust others, feel supported, backed by others. Always in the labour, professional and social aspect.
Second upper right molar: Social loyalty to my mother.
Second upper left molar: Social loyalty to my father.
Second molars problems: They express our inability to trust others. They show that we are not in our rightful place. We do not accept, or we integrate ourselves with others. We lived a difficult adolescence.
Second lower molar/teeth union: They represent our partner in life, who will I build a home with. Friend, neighbour who is always willing to lend a hand when we need it. Molars are revealing how my marriage or my loving and friendly relations are.
Lower right second molar: My wife, my girlfriend, my friend, my neighbour.
Lower left second molar: My husband, my boyfriend, my friend, my neighbour.
Second mandibular molars problems: Any problem in the second lower molars represents they have betrayed me. Deceptions, lies, fraud, deception caused by others.
Wisdom teeth: They represent our mental maturity, our wisdom to make decisions, our autonomy and ability to feed ourselves.
The wisdom teeth come out when we have already established the principles instilled by our parents and are perfectly able to lead us, feed us and keep us alone. The birth of the wisdom teeth tells us that we are adults and we should be prepared to leave home and form our own family.
If we bother to leave us express the pain of growing up and know that we can no longer rely more on our parents. The greater the pain we feel, the more we indicated that maturing is costing us, to separate home and stop being children hurt.
Any injury represents that we are immature in all aspects, always with jokes or not giving importance, lack of vision.
"My mother must look after my children, I do not have time"
"With that money, I buy clothes, and then we'll see"
"I do not trust my originality, do not trust what I can achieve, I'm such a little thing"
Wisdom tooth with a single root: "I dare not take up space" "I have little confidence in life".
Wisdom teeth with several roots: "I have a rich and complex personality"
"I possess many talents and resources, I can fulfil myself in what I want"
Wisdom tooth that never goes: "I have a visceral fear of dying".
When we need to take out a wisdom tooth, it also has its meaning:
Consciously extract: "I've decided it's time to leave the house, move, go, break free, etc".
Unconsciously extract: (only because it causes much pain):
"I renounce to see for myself, renounce to walk alone, I want to backtrack, I want to be young and remain under the protection of my parents"

MENOPAUSE, Emotional and metaphysical problems:

Menopause is the time in life of women (about fifty) when the end of menstruation comes, stops being fertile and therefore loses the ability to procreate.
This is a change, willy-nilly, a so important moment as when her first period appeared.
The problems of menopause depend largely on how women assume and accept this "loss of utility" that is intrinsic to their feminine nature and how they have experienced their sexuality, that is, if they have calmed their feminine ardor or not .
Do I accept the process of life as it is, do I complain, do I suffer and do I want it different?
Do I feel less woman, unimportant, valid and have little fear of aging?
Am I afraid of no longer being attractive and therefore cease to be desirable to the opposite sex?
The most common symptoms that women have not assumed or accepted that transition in their life are anxiety, irritability, lack of energy and other, perhaps more important, somatic character as "hot flashes", the "bleeding", bone decalcification or "osteoporosis" and tumours in the uterus.
Thoughts and affirmations of women who do not accept such a change in their life: Am I still valid? Am I right physically? Is there anything to heat? Is my husband the one who has become cold?
I run out of time, I no longer worth as a woman.
I'm not attractive, no one turns around to face me.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
To prevent all these problems right thing is to enjoy the feminine quality fully before reaching menopause.
The woman who has fully enjoyed her sexuality will not suffer from "heat" at menopause.
The woman who has fulfilled her desire to have children, most likely, will not have to suffer a tumour in the womb symbolizing a pregnancy.
As for bone decalcification, women in ancient times did not fracture their bones, neither more nor less than at the present time, even though it is recommended to take hormones.
Women need to consciously accept the change involved in their life, menopause and take a positive attitude, considering it as a liberation, as a possibility that gives life to enjoy sexuality without risk or not to be disturbed by its rules, ultimately, to live a second youth.

Menopause can also be considered the bridge, through which, the woman should move from a life that has been based on the outside and seek support refocused exclusively on their inner spiritual world.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

Friday, 30 December 2016


HANDS disorders, Emotional and metaphysical causes:

It is one of the most sensitive and “in movement” organs in the human body, extending from the wrist to the fingertips.
The hands are the means by which we express ourselves in the world, the outward manifestation of the inner capacity to handle our reality and our experiences.
No two hands are equal, hence used as individual identifying bodies: fingerprints.
Through hands we can also draw some important conclusions: warm hands give us warmth, contact.
On the contrary, cold hands reveal coldness, little desire to establish contact. It can mean a refusal to be released in an expression of love and affection.
Show open hands is a peaceful gesture of openness.
On other occasions they twitch when we are nervous.
They can also express fear or be a symbol of contact, "shaking hands";
and communication, not only dumb, but for all people, as gesticulation is very important to transmit and communicate.
The hand can be used to give; (Give is the reason for our existence) to take, "drink in hand"; to touch and feel, (it is said of them that are the extension of the heart); to protect and help "reach someone”
Also, can be used to show force, "put a hand on someone"; or to attack and hit, "clenched fist"; etc.
The hand is the channel through which an idea manifests and becomes real. It is the final support of the action and without it out could bring the performance of the act.
Problems in the hands tell us about our connection with action in the outside world. It means we have a problem in our work, our ability to do something with our precision and skill towards work, etc. They tell us that what we do with our hands, we do it for love. You may believe that we are not up to perform a certain task (feel awkward), we lack skill or we lack confidence in our actions or our desire to act for fear of making mistakes or lack of confidence in ourselves.
"I hate doing this” "They force me to do this” "This work does not please me” "This work seems tedious” "I hate this job” "I'm not good for..”. "Today I do not want to come to work” "Instead of going to work I could do..”.
The palm represents the father or our fitness as a parent. When we have a problem we analyze our "competition" as a parent or our working practice in relation to our father.
Devaluation, unable to assume a role, a role, a task.
"Maybe I miss being with my children for work”
"Or maybe I do a job that my father does not like".
They can also hurt us when we do we prevent something when we do not grant ourselves permission, or when we feel unable to act because someone or something did it.
We express that we maintain a relationship of domination, of power, possession or we indicate that we want to take, push or dominate the world or people, it may be by choice or fear.
Our hands have the ability to express any emotion we have, and also have the power to implement any desire to act and we want to make.
If the pain affects the left hand, it will be related to our ability to receive.
Do you think you deserve what you get or do you think that when someone gives you something, is he/she expecting you to do the same?
Do you accept what you get with love or think you need to give something in return?
If the right hand hurts us, it will be related to our inability to give and whether is on the left, with the inability to receive.
Do we give too many expectations or we do it as a duty, because we believe we are required to do so?
Are we afraid that others abusing us taking advantage of our difficulty saying "no"?
Think. How does it really work what I do with my fingers professionally? What reason prevents me from acting? What don’t I want to accept?
If the tension is manifested in the hand or on the right wrist, it will be related to the symbolism Yin (female) and if the problem occurs in the hand or on the left wrist, it is related to the symbolism Yang (masculine).
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Let love to be the base where all our actions are, and let the energy to manage our experiences.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

Thursday, 29 December 2016

LOW BACK PAIN, (lumbago) Emotional and metaphysical causes:

It is a muscle spasm, and therefore refers to a conflict of impotence.
Most emotional causes that can cause back pain are related to sexuality, sexual life or sexual desires, which are involved our side (wife, husband, friends, lovers, etc.) added to a strong sense of guilt. It is reflected especially in the left leg.
If the pain of lumbago appears just when we wake up, we analyze what sexual conflict we live last night. Perhaps we refuse to have sex with your partner, or maybe she refused to have sex with us.
"I do not want sexual relationships now” "I want sex but I have no partner". "I do not enjoy sex with you”
It may indicate that we are in a direction conflict:
What is my life? What will I do with it? What direction do I want to take?
You can express an unconscious fear or rejection of the changes that life imposes on us, or even to those that we ourselves have adopted, especially in the family or professional, since these changes require us to rectify our habits, our footholds , a change of attitude in our relationships, which irritates us a lot and makes us quite nervous, because in the background we felt unsafe and the only thing we want is to find stability in our lives. "Maybe I have not done what I wanted” "I do not know if I'm on track”
Devaluation to feel "powerless" to a situation or person. Feeling of being the pillar of the family, the clan, the company, within a notion of responsibility, etc. It can occur when a person is overloaded and is angry because he/she believes he/she cannot cope with all their responsibilities. He/she thinks that his/her burden is too heavy, they have given too much to do and is left with only the desire to "run". "I did not finish the job I promised" "I was not as good as I thought" "I cannot with so many obligations”
Low back pain: Feelings of helplessness.
"I feel helpless and I overcame the pillars of my life"
"I'm enduring a situation without being able to intervene"
"I am living an experience I do not know how to cope”.
Feelings of worthlessness.
"I cannot do anything". "I do not know how to get out of this situation”
"I have no choice, I have to endure”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Consciously face the feeling of helplessness, insecurity and inferiority complex.

Open to new things and accept the help that comes from outside. Move ahead in life with flexibility, with confidence, abandoning the tendency to want to control everything their own way.

 Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?